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I am looking to have a DET installed in my 95 200SX SE-R. I was referred to a local shop called BoostFactor ( So I called them up and they said they could do the whole swap parts&labor for $3500.
This includes the DET motor, a transmission (my current one is cracked), downpipe, jap-spec ECU, harness, etc.. "the car will be running perfectly when u pick it up"

From what I've seen by researching the prices of parts and stuff, this sounds like a good deal to me. Any comments??? Also has anyone delt with Boostfactor before? they are located in Irving, TX

'95 200SX SE-R - Jim Wolf Clutch, K&N, CN Catback Exhaust, CN strut bars, KYB AGX, Eibach ProKit, audio
'99 Prelude base - CAI, Greddy SP
'02 TL Type S - Stock

could you please post any comments on here? I live in coppell and am looking at a DET in the next year, so I'd be interested in what kind of work they do.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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