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I posted that about a week ago. That's the funniest Honda-tech thread ever.

As a side note, the guys in the competition forum are great. Very knowledgeable. Mainly geared toward autocross and road racing/driving schools. Just don't go in there and ask or brag about street racing. You'll get flamed far worse than Dreamspeed did.

92 SE-R from Heck

"What have you DONE to that thing..." - stranger at Rockingham dragway 5/18/01
"Where's the turbo?" - stranger at the 1st autocross of 2000 where my SE-R debuted
"That thing is a goddamn rocket ship. I'm not lifting for you on the straights anymore!" -Karl Shultz, Rockingham 4/27/01
"What in the hell have you done since I drove it last?" -David Stone, Rockingham 4/27/01

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Creative minds, let me tell you. That's some funny stuff. Poor DreamSpeed, lol.

1993 Nissan Sentra SE-R (5-Speed Manual)

Current Modifications:
STILLEN Hi-Flow Intake
STILLEN Performance Exhaust
Hotshot Racing Header
Kosei K1 Silver Racing Wheels
Dunlop SP Sport 5000 Tires
Nis-Knacks Clear Side Markers

Future Modifications:
Jim Wolf Technology ECU
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