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StevenLK said:
are u looking for good low cost ones? have a good set u'd press-in. i'd wold hav got mine if i dint have the Place Racing ones
next time try searching the forums b'4 u ask about anything.!
Yep, and that SEARCH thing he mentioned? It's one of the rules. You're new so check out how easy it works.....

I just typed "motor mounts" and hit go in the seach engine. Nothing fancy.

That lead to this thread:"motor+mounts"

In which they mention Prothanes.

So, I typed "Prothane" into the search engine. Which led to these threads."prothane"

In which are discussed or mentioned the JWT, Nismo, and Place Racing mounts. Further investigation could certainly follow, armed with those newly mentioned motor mounts.

That took me seven (7) minutes utilizing no prior knowledge :eek: . Just starting by typing "motor mount" into the SEARCH engine and following a few threads.

Thus concludes our lesson for the day. Homework for tonight is Chapter Two, "Learning To Use The Advanced Search Mode." Please be prepared for a pop quiz tomorrow.

Class dismissed. :)

Oh yeah, buy some Prothanes from a forum vendor.

Welcome to the forum. :biggthump
1 - 6 of 6 Posts