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Hey Folks! It's mine!

Great little car. At a certain RPM she'll just fall into the next gear, so the tranny is just great.


There's a CD cable running to the back, and an empty CD frame hanging off the rear deck in the trunk. Is this a stock thing? The car has a little Clarion tape deck and it doesn't mention anything about a CD.

Can I unattach the cruise control controls from the steering wheel and use them on an aftermarket wheel like the 320mm Momo Monte Carlo?

I *have* to replace the stock suspension. It's got 115k miles on it and is floaty as hell (the springs are shot which is making the struts work overtime). I want a streetable setup. Any suggestions? I prefer the approach of avoiding putting huge anti-roll bars on and instead using a really decent spring/strut combination.

The seats are OK. Are there better ones available in the other SR20DE models that would bolt right in?

Is there a trick to running the clutch cable? This one is binding just slightly - not a smooth action. I'll probably have to replace it and make sure to pour some graphite or something inside and work it in...

The 14x5.5 wheels make the car under-tired. After the suspension comes wheels and tires, and I was wondering if any of the other models had good wheels (light, strong) in a 14x6 or, much preferably 14x7 or 15x7. Don't want to go bigger than a 15" wheel.

Thanks. It's great to be part of the club!


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Hey what's up?
Glad you like your car.
I will attempt to answer at least some of your questions.
(everyone else....corect me if I'm wrong please)

The CD changer is not a stock thing...probably came stock with a tape deck.

stock NX wheels are 14 x 6 I believe
200 sx se-r wheels I believe are 15 x 7

As for suspension...there is a ton of info in the archives but most people seem to agree that GABs are the best (and most expensive) way to go. Many people seem to be using Tokico/Eibach pro-kits but with much varied opinions of the setup. I myself am going with KYB AGX and Eibach Pro-kits in the Spring.

Not sure about the cruise control setup, but I would guess you can pull it up with some home engineering.

'93 Charcoal NX2k
advanced timing
"ghetto" airbox
16 inch rims
Yoko A520s
wish there was more
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