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Ben Moses and I removed the trans from my currently out of commission NX to
get the proper gears out of to send to be cryoed and shotpeened and to also
put a Quaife unit in when I get one. Pics are here:

Now that I have the shafts out, now what? Do I have to remove the individual
gears from the shafts? I'm really afraid I'll get them all mixed up if I do.
Any advice from someone who has done this before?

It was really neat to now have a decent idea of how the tranny works. It's
amazing something that small can hold 200hp, 300hp, even Jay Hassinger's

98 Sentra SE TURBO and crashed 93 NX2000

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Hehehe, now you take a bit hammer(8 pound sledge works well)...and beat on the ends of the shafts and even the gears if needed. They will fall off ... eventualy. As for how well they will work when you try to put them back on(or back together) thats another question
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