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Went to Dyno yesterday to see what sort of power is required for mid 12's

223kw atw at 21.3psi boost. Air fuel is mapped too, could be a little rich at 11.6. Turbo is maxed out tho, boost drops off as the revs go up. Its about 295 to 300 wheel hp, there is a scale on the right.

GTIR t28, gtir manifold, u12 bluebird block, gtir head, 440cc injectors, link computer, plate and bar intercooler, 104 octane leaded fuel (aviation fuel).

I was stoked to get this figure, there were many more favoured cars there doing lesser figures, a mk4 supra made 220kw before I got there, a sti wrx running 26psi boost only made 210 on 4wd. Couple of skylines in the mid 150's. A n12 pulsar with a u12 engine, running forged internals, 850cc injectors, garret ball bearing turbo, only managed 230kw atw, he was gutted.

Also a vid of the action. The puff of smoke at the end of the run is from the alternator belt slipping.

Dyno run vid here!
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