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Guys, this is the laptop I used in school and it is in great shape. I would say the only flaw is the battery is getting pretty worn out and I usually don't get more than 45 minutes, though a new battery online is $100 shipped that I have seen. Comes with power adapter and cords.

Uniwill N251C1 Model

Here are the specs:

Athlon XP 2500+ AMD processor (1.8GHz)
1 GB DDR Memory
40 GB hard drive
15.4" Widescreen LCD
ATI Radeon 9700 Graphics 64MB
Broadcom Wireless 802.11B/G adapter
Broadcom Net GT 10/100 LAN
56k Modem onboard

Windows XP Pro
Microsoft OFfice XP Pro

Driver disc with all drivers/software

This unit has an MP3 player option that allows you to listen to music on minimal battery with the laptop not booted up. Very cool feature! It has all the ports you need and all the options, tons of power and works like a charm. It can handle your internet browsing/office tasks and even moderate gaming. Or, take it in the garage and channel into that emanage or EMS in the car for data logging and configuration.

Looking to get $500 shipped for it.

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