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Greddy intake manifold

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Has anyone tried fitting a RWD intake manifold on a FWD head ? I have been tempted by its price, just need to re-route all the piping, and I heard of great results from these types of intake manifolds.
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Isn't the throttle body on the opposite side?
MEclassic said:
Isn't the throttle body on the opposite side?
Yes. That's why he's saying he has to re-route all his intake plumbing and stuff. If the RWD SR20DE/T is a highport just like the FWD DE's, I don't see why it wouldn't work. Be a pioneer and try it out for us geeks.
yeah its on the other side, thats why I'm currious if anyone has done it. If not I might just try it myself.
Ok, I was just thinking it doesn't look like there's any room for piping/filter over on that side. Especially with that top mount in the way (is that still there?) Anyway, I'd be interested to see how it works.

No the engine in the pictures is no longer in the car, was pulled for a diff motor- Avenir, with a large front mount intercooler, I am installing the Avenir tomorrow- its verry pretty all chromed and polished out. Thinking that the only thing in the way might be the strut tower kinda.... clearance might be an issue with some of the AC lines I retained in the G20- gotta have AC with leather seats in summer.
go for it! If not terribly difficult it'd be worth it. I've often thought the same but have never done it cause I use a low-port.
I'm sure if you cut it, flipped it around and reweleded it it should work, a guy in Dallas is putting together a s13 with a gti-r intake manifold (already together) on it, so I don't see why it would not work
^^^ im with Brian on this one.. why not chop the runners and re-weld??
I would think that firewall clearence would be an issue with this.....but hey, i say go for it!
klorti said:
I would think that firewall clearence would be an issue with this.....but hey, i say go for it!

..not really considering the O2Induction Stage 1 manifold has waaay longer runners than a greddy, and it fits just fine... obviously if you are gonna run that manifold you will be **** canning the Emissions stuff....youd be surprised how much room there is back there once you remove the stock runners and plebnum...i think its do-able as long as it is properly cut and welded.. Honestly, i dont think it will look too good, but i could be wrong....anything is better than the stock intake mani.. so hey.. Id compromise looks for more hp,
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