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GReddy SP Exhaust FOR SALE!!

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Hey ive got a 92 sentra SE-R and im trying to sell my GReddy SP exhaust, its been awhile since i bought the exhaust i believe its 2.5 inches. The exhaust is in good condition and sounds really good. I paid around 500 for the exhaust about a year ago so just make me a decent off and i will take it. Thanks guys,


If interested shoot me an email at [email protected]
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Hey my digital camera has been giving me problems.... here is a link to the basic system it looks a little different. Ill try and get a pic soon, Sorry about that.
How much are you looking to get for it? Ballpark price? Don't want to lowball you :D
No lowballage taken haha.....Im thinking at most 300$ around that area most likely...... Thanks for your interest
300 is pickup im trying not to lose to much money ya know?
Just to Clarify

I got a few emails on this exhaust but nobody has bought, i think i scared everyone away with a bad post. The exhaust is 2 1/4 inch and is only a year old i did not buy this exhaust used it was purchased new. Let me know if you guys are interested i did take some pictures and could email those to you if you would like to see it. Thanks again and please use the email address below i tend to not check my PMs often.

[email protected]

I have recieved emails of interest on buying the exhaust but no sale yet. I think i scared away people with a bad original post, the exhaust is of course not 2.5 inches but 2.25 inches and the exhaust was purchased NEW a year ago not used. I have taken some pictures and they can be emailed to you if you want. Thanks again,

[email protected]
its have the exhaust. let me know
Hate to lowball you, but I'll offer up $300 shipped. Got any pics?
I have pictures i can email to you but i dont want to have to pay for all of the shipping to Washington thats not going to be cheap.
i take it you still have the exhaust. let me know
Yes its still for sale and i have pictures if you want to email me ill send them to you.
emai pics to [email protected] and i will let you know.
If the pics are good I'll buy the exhaust, I have the money in hand.
Just letting those who requested pictures know they have been sent. Thank You
send some pics to [email protected]
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