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Hey, gang;

For those of you familiar with Grassrooots Motorsports magazine, I'm considering entering their '$2002 Challenge' next year, and think an SE-R could be done that would make a good showing, if not win one of the categories.
For those of you who don't know...GRM is a magazine that caters to autocrossers mainly, but they have this cool yearly competition. In 2001, it was the $2001 Challenge. You have to build a car for no more than $2001 (cost of car included), and then bring it to Florida in February to compete against other Challenge cars in drag racing, autocrossing, and show judging.
As you can imagine, things get interesting in the Challenge. Last year's drag race winner ran a 12.8 quarter mile. Yikes.

So, I was thinking that a 91-93 Classic would be prime Challenge material. There's one for sale at for $500 with a crunched front end (mild).
If the engine's tight...add some nitrous (my specialty)...some used hi-po struts...very sticky used tires....and see how she does against the others next February.

I'm seriously considering this. I wanted to get your opinions on ways to approach building a SE-R to maximize it for drag racing and autocrossing. I have my ideas: Now let me hear yours.

You can visit to get more info on the Challenge, if you're interested.

Of course, I just learned of a '90 Eagle Talon TSi (AWD) for sale for the paltry sum of $1,100 here locally. If it runs and makes boost, THAT car could do some SERIOUS damage.

Your thoughts/comments appreciated.

Greg Perry, '93 SE-R w/ 149,000 miles, JWT pop, header, ProActive
clutch, ST bar, NOS direct-port 75hp, Autopower 4-point roll bar/harnesses.
[email protected] 1/4 mile, [email protected] 1/8 mile, 1.98 60-ft.

My SE-R page, with videos

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A bunch of those cars are base models that have junkyard parts from much better cars. Since the SE-R is pretty much has the best of everything from the factory, I think it would be difficult to build it for $2002 and compete with a 12 second Chrysler minivan with Shebly CSX parts. You'd have to be pretty damn crafty. Good luck.

Incidentally, I'd look for something turbocharged, since it's relatively inexpensive to get more boost. Might have to vote for the Eclipse....

92 SE-R from Heck

"What have you DONE to that thing..." - stranger at Rockingham dragway 5/18/01
"Where's the turbo?" - stranger at the 1st autocross of 2000 where my SE-R debuted
"That thing is a goddamn rocket ship. I'm not lifting for you on the straights anymore!" -Karl Shultz, Rockingham 4/27/01
"What in the hell have you done since I drove it last?" -David Stone, Rockingham 4/27/01
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