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GT30R/3037 with T3 Exhaust Housing

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Is this a successful way to go ? , or is the real GT30 turbine housing very different inside ? I have been offered a CHRA nearly identical to the HKS3037 except that the compressor wheel is about 1 mm larger at the inducer . For a two litre engine is there any advantage using a 50AR TO4E comp cover over the more normal HKS 60AR TO4E cover . My supplier in Australia has the HKS 73AR Turbine housing and judging by posts here this gives the best balence of response and power . So , how does one build a GT30 series with real good response and avoid the HKS premium price ???
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Compressor housing a/r has a much less significant impact on performance than the exhaust side. There shouldn't be any difference in cost tho, so you might as well get the .60. Just make sure whatever you get is appropriately machined for the wheel you are using. The .73 HKS exhaust housing (t2 footprint) is only like $160, which is cheap in my opinion. Do you need the t3 flange for some reason?

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