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I posted this to the main SE-R list as well...
Hello all, this quest for advice goes out to all those who have experience swapping in the GTI-R DET into the SE-R (a Classic in my case). I have started the swap this weekend (with the help of Thomas Reynolds and his friend James who are both going turbo as well). Well, so far I have come across a few questions and 1 problem...
Basically I labeled and identified all of my harness connections and then disconnected everything. Then I pulled the tranny off the engine, then pulled the engine out the top of the car (so I could keep the AC charged). So far so good. Well using my notes from different e-mails (thanks to Jay Whitely and [email protected]), and from the archives I went to work swapping sensors and such from my DE to my DET.
Question #1
I identified all connectors in the wiring harness but one harness plug which the FSM says is a "EGR and Cannister Control Solenoid Valve". It is attached to the DE engine located right near the TPS. It has 3 vacuum ports and one wiring connector. It isn't clear if this should attach to the DET since it doesn't have EGR. I found the following in the archives:
> Install notes:
> · The solenoid for the charcoal canister has one
> wire and 3 vacuum inputs:
> 1st. is from intake after MAF, 2nd. is from the top
> of the canister, and
> 3rd is left open
FYI, there is also a small solenoid that was located on the top front of the DET with a wiring harness connector and 2 vacuum line connections that I have yet to identify.

Question #2
I swapped the oil pressure sending unit from the DE (small with one wire) to the DET (much larger with two wires). Is this right? There was also a single male spade connector right beside this sending unit that I don't have a wiring harness connnection for. I assume this is for an oil pressure or oil temp gauge. It will remain unused.

Question #3
Is there a preference on which of the metal gaskets to use that goes between the engine and tranny. As the archives say:
> · When attaching the DE tranny to the DET block, two
> of the mounting bolts
> will no longer be used
but I should still be able to use either gasket. The DE gasket will just have some holes not used, but it seems it would line up better with the tranny and that would help keep dirt and moisture out. Does this make sense?

And the biggest problem I have come across: The DET power steering pump must be used and it didn't come on my DET! A quick call to [email protected] (thanks Chris) confirmed it's a must-have. Well, my options are 1.Get a PWS pump from a GTI-R (Anyone have one lying around???) 2.Fabricate something up Or 3.Get rid of the PWS. I will probably drive the 3 hours to the place I got the engine and try and find one on Monday. If that doesn't work, I have a good welding shop I will try.
Any Advice??

One other small thing I noticed that I haven't seen in the archives. The passenger side engine mount bracket isn't the same. The mount will not connect to the DET. I swapped the bracket over and the DET one is aluminum with aluminum bolts while the DE one is steel with steel bolts... Weird! Anyone else seen this?

Well, the mandatory downtime to figure out the PWS pump issue will give me time to install gauges, wire injectors, grind the oil pan, and maybe get the tranny welded. So far things have gone great and if not for the setback I would have had most of the job done this weekend. I'll keep everyone informed.
Thanks to all those on the list that have helped out so much

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Damn, talking about bringing something back from the dead! That's a two year-old thread you replied to, Crim!

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Old ass post, you ain't kidding. Thanks for the help though!

What's even funnier is that I read through nearly the entire post thinking, "Man, somebody's got the exact same issues I had!" I thought it even funnier that the same guys were helping with the install who helped me... Too Funny!
Yeah, I'm a bit slow.

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