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GTi-R swap

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Hey folks, I got a good one for you..... I am going to swap my high port sr20DE motor out of my 1995 hyundai elantra (yep, a Hyundai! - I call it my bastard baby) and put in a Gti-R engine. My question is, can I use my LSD manual tranny that I hve in the car now, or will I have to use the AWD tranny?

Thanks for your help!
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No, it will bolt up to a FWD tranny just fine. I wanna see pics of this. :)
Holy crap, what kind of modifications did that take? I bet that a bad-ass ride :)

Yeah, the awd tranny is useless to you, just make a coffee table out of it or somethin. PS, get pics of the elantra :)
Nuf big-ups to de Trini bredren!!!
Yaman, Leh me see sum pics of dat sweet ride boy!!
Talk about a bastard child.... damn man!

Kick ass ****, post some picture up asap! :cool:
I will post up some pics as soon as I can. The engine should be done in about 2 weeks. Big up all the foreign based crew!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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