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GTi-R Turbo and manifold 4 sale

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Gti-R manifold and T-28 turbo for sale ...$600.00
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SeR7375 said:
Gti-R manifold and T-28 turbo for sale ...$600.00
what is the condition and how many miles are on the setup?
Where are you located in NY? Is there any shaft play on the turbo?
nothing wrong with the setup. its still on the car ...actually its the car in the thread posted in the northeast section "turbo integra vs turbo nissan" just a month ago. my tranny is gone and my car will be down will i get a new gear box and send out the componets for cryo treatment and shot peaning. so the car will be down for two months and i have another turbo and manifold waiting to go on so that why i selling this setup. the turbo has no play and it runs fine...its been in the car for 4 months and i got the motor from in august with less than 40k miles and i put around 2k on it since.
i am in long island and brooklyn.
you got a pm.
How much for just the turbo?
if chippey buys just the turbo what do you want for the manifold??
Sorry to be offtopic but SEr7375 what are your opinions about Are you happy with the motor that they sent you? Also what price did you get it for.
Are the turbo and manifold still available?

If so, I am very interested.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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