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GTIR / DET blocks ant Trannys

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Why is it that GTIR Tranny can't be use in transverse FWD , what are the differences ie block tranny interface , drive shafts ?
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Its because the GTiR trans is huge, It also has an output shaft for the rear drive axle that interferes with your power steering rack and your rear cross member. Its also a Hydraulic clutch.
If all the GTIR bits are used ie steering clutch etc can it be made to work ?
if you have the money it can be made to work
There is a guy that put a BB DET in his USDM Pulsar and then used the GTi-R tranny. He used some B12 Sentra AWD wagon suspension parts and then fabricated some parts also. He made it work though, so anything is possible. Here is his link:
GTI-R Trannys cant hold much power either....from what I have heard talking to GTI-R owners. The only reason I would see for putting that tranny in would be to convert to awd....which wouldnt be fun, but would be quite an acomplishment!

I think that if you got a Whole front clip firewall forward it would be possible if your experienced and know what you are doing. Its something that I want to try at some point. Could be fun even if it can't be done....
Even if the tranny is weaker than the BB, you can always upgrade the internals of it Pfitzner Performance dog gears in it. Also there are other things you can do to a tranny to make it stronger: Cryo treat, weld the case, etc.....
The GTi-R transmission gears can take the same abuse as the FWD gear sets.

If you do get a GTi-R gear box the strongest casing came in the 1994's.

I know Ivan is putting out 360+ HP to the wheels on his PAR 1/2 dog.
my friend tore apart a GTiR trans and it looks like its based off the Maxima trans.
can i use the gtir tranny as FWD until i finish my project so i can drive the car around or will it burn up the tranny?
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