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GTiR into stock 99 G20

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I have a stock 99 g20 and I am considering throwing a GTiR in. Can my tranny handle this? What-all would I have to replace after I did the engine swap?
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Well i don't know much about the 99 G20 GTiR swap but heres my write up of my 92' GTiR swap.
if you have any other questions just PM me here or if your not already a member at then you might want to join and PM me there.
Is it an auto or manual transmission? I have a BB DET motor with an upgraded GTi-R turbo and I'm putting down about 250 WHP on the stock 99 manual transmission without any problems.

Just as a suggestion, have you considered turboing your stock DE engine? It's a hell of a lot cheaper and unless you're going for crazy amounts of power (> 300 WHP) I'd HIGHLY recommend it. Greg (MrFancyPants) at has this setup.
It's a manual tranny; I'm a Marine and deployed right now, but I want to look into throwing a T25 on the stock engine (130k mi) when I get back, which isn't that long now. :)
Greg (MrFancyPants) at has this setup.
An he's had that setup on there for a VERY LONG time and runs 12 or 15lbs boost daily. An made right near below 300hp mark. This was all on a T28 setup on his 99 G20.
Very impressive.
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