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Gtir swap in progress Help Please

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Hi, i am in guatemala, i have a B14(original ga16 then sr20de now in progress sr20det) i am making a swap , installing a gti-r engine,
so i talk to some people en japan and they send me the gti-r engine, ECU of the Gti-r , and they send me the complete wiring harness, intercooler, so it was suposed to be an easy swap, BUT the wiring harness wasn't complete, all the wiring parts that goes in the enigne are there its complete , the second part that is in the interior is complete, but the part that i dont have is the fuse box, that is goes screwed into a white part wiht a lot of pins (sorry i dont know to much english) , so the big problem is that, i dont know what to do??
Some People here tell me that i could use the fuse box of a B13 of the 91 - 94, but i dont know.
Another mechanic told me that if i found the diagram he could make the lines that i need to start it up.
I really don't know what to do.
Please help Me.
I also have read a lot of threads but anyone can help me.
Any idea would be good enough.
The japanese people told me that they cant help me more.
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you need to get a 2.0 harness from a se-r classic or from a 200sx if you cant find a gtir mass air folw meter then use one from a 300 zx
man stay away from the gti-r motor. your better off getting a avenir motor or a bb. the gti-r is too much of a pain to fix if it breaks. trust me i know. if i had to do it over again. i'd buy a spare block and build it
Yeah you are better off using the 91-94 sentra/G20 harness. If you can't find a GTiR MAF then you can make the Z32 work. I've written up the swap based on my G20 GTiR swap here....
And yeah the worst part is when stuff breaks it can be a pain to find parts.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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