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guagine interest in 98 ser w/t25. FS/T

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I have a blue 98 se-r with a bbt25. It has the hot shot fmic old style with smaller core, jgy down pipe 2.5" with 3" from there back into a magnaflow muffler. It has the jwt ecu 370 @ 3bar with stock maf, nismo fpr, walbro 255lph hp fuel pump. I am using jgy oil and water lines as well. The injectors (purple) were said to have 3k on them when I bought them and I have put around 10-15k on them. The turbo itself has been on for about 10k and boosts just fine up to 9psi where I am running it, but it needs a rebuild as it is blowing by some oil into the dp at idle occassionaly. I put in a fidanza flywheel and act nx9 hdss 15k ago. I have a turbo xs dsbc and a greddy profec b spec II, either can go with it. There are 3 guages mounted on the steering column. They are electronic fuel and oil pressure, and a mechanical boost guage, all autometer sport comp black face. It currently rides on the stock wheels with arctic alpine tires. Also have pretty much every stock part as well.
I was turning this into the daily driver that I wanted, but I have come upon a different car that would suit the daily driver status much better and the plans have now changed. I bought the 200 with 59k on it and it now reads about 89k. I put the turbo on about 10k ago and the injectors around 5k before that as I worked out the kinks that arose during installation. This car has been very reliable for me and has never let me down or did I ever doubt it. It's not terribly fast because of the turbo I imagine and I'm running rich until the fpr gets here. In this condition I managed a 14.5 @98, couldn't get better than a 2.45 60', with a lot of stuff in the trunk, just as I drive it every day.
I would be open to trades for a 240 hatch or s14 or a classic or nx plus $.
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I have seen this car is person and it is very clean. Bump, and good luck Greg.
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