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H&R Sport springs

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What is the spring rate on these springs or are they progressivley wound.
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h&r would not give me a number when I called the most I got out of them were the sport springs ar 20-30 stiffer than stock
Anyone have H&R sport springs and AGX's. I just purchased this setup and was wondering how it handles. Im still waiting for my struts or I would know myself. Also if you have any pics of how low the car is post them up. TIA.
I have H&R springs with agx's and it handles great. also gives the perfect drop, only rubs on huge speed bumps. pic is in the sig, its about a 2 inch drop
OK this is buggin me, I've got h&rs and still have like a 2 inch gap, did anybody notice that they were lower after adding agx? I'm still on stock struts for a couple of weeks but my agx are on the way...
i have h&r's with toks. maybe this is closer to the stock struts. no 2" wheel gap here. nice, subtle ride on the h&r's. i already forgot how the stock springs ride since my car has been lowered since 1995.
I've already got mine put on and this thing handle like a dream. I do have a little clunking noise coming from the AGX's but after reading a few post im going to add some washers and hopefully that will take care of it. Also I have about a 1in gap in the front and about .5 in gap in the rear its the only thing I hate about them.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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