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SR20VE or a T28? I dunno!
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Finally got all the bits and pieces for my Stillen 4-1 header install. This was an easy install! The hardest part besides getting the correct gaskets and bolts was removing the stock manifold and downpipe. I removed the old system almost by myself (heatshield, downpipe, etc.). I left it up to my partner in crime to deal with the manifold itself (EGR tube was sort of a bitch) :tongue:

The Stillen header was simple to install, we used 2 scissor jacks to hold up certain portions of the exhaust/downpipe. I got a new exhaust manifold gasket and catalytic converter gasket from Greg V. at quality Nissan. And I got the primary to secondary gasket from Advance Auto Parts. All I did was traced an outline of the flange and traced where the bolt holes go on a piece of paper, handed it to the guy at the counter, and he got the EXACT gasket I needed. I didn't have to modify it or anything.

We used Permatex Copper Gasket Maker on all the gaskets just to make sure there would be no leaks. I have to go by tonight and make sure all the nuts/bolts are still within torque spec.

I couldn't have done this install without this forum and (you better believe it!).

We took our time removing the old system, and installing the new, but I think I could do it in 3-4 hours taking my time on a newer car.

I also installed some new NGK spark plugs (BKR6E gapped .034")...

The car started great and runs awesome now! No CEL lights, just more power! My powerband is alot better than it was. I can't wait to dyno it to see where I'm at. You can see all my mods in the sig, and I'd like to say this is a VERY drivable car. I have great powerband from low-end to top-end. I'm very happy. It's not the most powerful N/A SE-R out there by a long shot, but I'm happy with the direction that it's going. I'm gonna try and do some underdrive pulleys as the next performance upgrade!

Next project is cleaning, prepping, and painting my extra valve cover and prettying up the engine bay. :D
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