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this is the only thing left that i need to take off before i can get my POS engine out for my new one..what is the easiest way to get these out..from what i know i have to remove the cotter pin and outer nut then hammer the axle in so it comes out toward the engine area...if anyone could give me an idea so i dont take things off i dont need to it would be i need to take them off the tranny first..or can they stay on the tranny and can i jus remove the part out of the brake area and take the egine out with them attached to the tranny?..thanks for the help..

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you're on the right track, after you get the axle nut off then undo the bolts and nuts on the strut then just knock the axle in a bit and then pull the assembly toward the cars cabin and it will tilt just enough to clear the shaft....

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