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Hey everyone, I'm planning on hitting Abe's tomorrow at Pear City Industrial Park sometime in the early morning. Anybody want to join me in some car hopping at a salvage yard?
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I mgiht be down, ive got a birthday party tonight to go too so i may be hurting early tomorrow morning though. Give me a call on my cell.


Nathan, you want me to call you tomorrow morning or later today?

Hawaii_SE-R said:
Nathan, you want me to call you tomorrow morning or later today?
Better make it morning, i might be hurting after tonight. I need to get a spare ECU, some door hinges, and miscellaneous screws that i have lost over the years.

Cool. I'll do that after I go to a plant sale (need to finish my landscaping around the house).

Travis? Fogs?

Anthony? Tail lights?

Anybody else?
Well, we didn't go. Sorry Nathan for not giving you a call to go along with the hang over.

I got a mean pinched nerve behind my left knee and I can barely get around at the moment.

We'll reschedule for a later date.
i'm down sometime.. gotta find myself a tranny or at least a case.. maybe some ad22 brakes would be nice too..

lemme know..
next time


Next time i guess.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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