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#@$!^% HEADER RUST!!!!!

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I am soooooo mad.
I was just under my car before picking up something I dropped that rolled underneath and I took a look at my Hotshot header flex pipe. THE BITCH IS COVERED IN RUST!
I've only had it on the car since November. Godamn. Anyone know of any warranties or anything on those? I bought it brand new from JWT last fall. Unreal. This East coast winter has been a hard one.

Jordan White (Stormy)
'98 SE(R) w/ HS CAI, HS G3 Header, JWT s4 Cams, UR Pulleys, KYB AGX's, Eibach Sportlines, Courtesy STB's, PS Short Shifter, ES Mounts, ES Bushings, PWST X-Drilled Rotors w/ Axxis MM Pads, 17" Borbet Type S's w/ 205/40 Kumhos, Nis-Knacks goodies
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Wow ouch that's a piss off that its rusting already, hope you work some thing out.

I found a stainless steel flex pipe on a ship that was being patched up for sea and sent off to be scraped in china that I was working on in the fall... anyway this flex pipe will fit on my NX when I build a new pipe it was such a find. its got to be worth at least $300

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