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im looking to buy a header...stillen, hotshot.......

preferably most gain in bottom end/torque
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I got my stillen for 200
if i had to do it over i would go obx
Unfortunately, headers do not increase bottom end, low rpm torque. At best, the low end torque stays the same. Anything which reduces the back-pressure of the exhaust system tends to kill the low end.
go with the OBX i got mine about a month ago and i love it
they look awsome after you've had them on there for a while
Your search begins here:

I can't really decipher exactly what you asked specifically for in your post, but I think you're wanting information on a SR20 header (note the singular). We have 4 years of SR20 header discussion here.

Hit the link above and look at it all. Good luck.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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