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On what I'll run? Last time at the track I hit a [email protected] with open airbox and 19-20 degree timing. Now I have the 91 intake cam and JWT POP instead (I got it for cheap, ok, not going to go spend money on a POP when I have open airbox). Plus the temp today is like 60 degrees whereas it was 10-15 degrees higher last time I went, might drop into the 50's during racing as it gets darker. I will guess [email protected] Anyone else wanna make a bet?

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Hey now, that POP was a good one!!! If you don't like it, then I'll take it back. I think the POP will flow more air because of the filter area and the funnel before the MAF. Let us know what your times are. I really want to see your 1/8 mile time. All we have around here is 1/8 mile.

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if you put your front tires to 20 psi and your back ones to 33 i bet an easy 15.1 !
cause Red said so!

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I was closest, so I win!

15.465 @ 87.74mph

I did hit several 88mph trap speeds.

Here's the timeslip:

Notice the 2.148 60 foot time?

Here's my post about the happenings to the SE-R list:

Went drag racing tonight. Very eventful night. To start off my best run was
a [email protected] with the 2.148 60ft time on street tires. I wasn't dipping
below a 15.8 until I started launching at 4.5-5.5k. The mph didn't really
change at all. They were all 87-88mph just like before the 91 intake cam and
the POP.

Now for the eventful parts. After a10-15 runs I line right back up and get
ready to do another launch. I do my 5.5k clutch drop to clean off the tires,
and then dash lights flash and my car dies. Try to start it and it just
turns over, won't start whatsosever. Pull my car off the track, look at it
extensively. No leaks, nothing seemingly broken. Reminds me of when I've
replaced my oil pan and ran the starter with no fuel pump fuse and spark
plugs just to circulate oil in the engine. No weird noises like I blew up
anything. Look at all the underhood connections and vacuum lines three
times. Check all the fuses in the car. All applicable ones look good.
Getting very scared at this point not thinking I'm going to find the problem
and will have to get my parents to come and get me. I look at the fuse block
to the left of the battery. There's a fuse there labeled "Eng Cont" just
like there was one or two under the steering wheel in the car. It was blown!
WOOHOO! My car's not dead! Replaced it with one extra that came with the
car, went back racing. 4 runs later the same damn thing! Doing a quick
burnout and the car is dead. Closest fuse to the 7.5amp one at this point is
a 10 amp one so I'm not about to race on it.

The only reason I can imagine it doing that is because I trimmed down my
battery tray and moved the battery and also the fuse blocks over a bit, so I
think when the engine moves so far with the stock mounts it's shorting
something that I will need to take a look at. Weird as hell huh?

Karly showed up much later with her 97 200SX SE-R. She is pregnant so they
wouldn't let her race, but she was all like "You wanna race my car?" I was
well done with racing cuz of the fuse problem so I said sure!
Took her
car for 3 runs, best of a 16.0 with her 17's and stock engine. (she's an
autocross-ite, all suspension, no power
) Then Ben Missele showed up with
his 93? NX2k with JWT cams, POP, and Hotshot header. I could only muster a
[email protected] with his car. With all those mods I thought he would have broken
90mph but guess not. All the runs he got while I was there he was 86-87mph.
Must be some tune-up issues or something.

Karly said she has only been drag racing a couple times and she said she ran
a 14.1 in her car. Swaybars, Koni's, 5 point harness, no engine mods, even
stock shifter. I really couldn't believe her. No way a bone stock SE-R can
hit 14.1. I have made now around 30 passes in my car pretty much back to
back cuz there's simply very very few folks that come to the track that I go
to. Gotta read the post on what Jay H had when he was running low 14's. In
Karly's car, granted she had 17's on it, I could only muster a 16.0 in three
runs after being very warmed up. There's no way there is 2 more seconds in
that car. Sorry, Karly, I am really trusting of people, but I reeely can't
swallow that one.

Most of the time (once I decided to launch above 4k, helps quite a bit) I
was running 15.5's no higher than 88mph. The rev limiter really sucks, not
geared correctly for it for the 1/4. There's maybe two more tenths and a
couple of mph if I could stay in 3rd through the traps.

That's about it. Last time to drag NA.

Oh yeah, anyone else ever pull a 2.148 or so on street tires and no VLSD?

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Hehe Mikey can't launch, hehe

There was one 5.0 that I was neck and neck until 2nd gear and he left me like yesterday's garbage. I was like "Aha, he must have a trunk buddy"

I beat a Honda though

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Someone had the same problem on the list with that fuse and here's what he said:

Thats sounds exactly like what happened to me last summer. I did a rolling
burn out leaving a hang out, and the car just died and all the lights came
on. We checked everything obvious, then the next morning we found the blown
eng cont fuse under the hood (thanks to the certain listenmember who
reminded me to check all my fuses in the daylight) and it fired right up.
What I *guess* caused my problem was my conical air filter wasn't secured
enough, and the movement started to put stress on the MAF sensor wires,
pulled back the insulation a little bit, and they touched while i was pulling
out. This seems odd to me, but the car has never done it again now that I
have s-loads of slack in that wiring. By the way, on the way home one of the
wires broke off compleltly, then its a whole new ball game... the car would
start, but wouldn't idle.

John Boyd
96 SE-R

My POP is hanging free as well. Looks like I'm tightening that baby down VERY soon
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