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HEAVY steering when at WOT

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I have not experienced this in any other FWD car I've ever driven (93 Olds Eighty Eight, 97 Grand AM GT, 88 Civic LX, 97 Civic HX, 95 Cutlass Supreme). When I hit it to WOT in 1st or second, usually about 3k RPM, the steering effort becomes VERY heavy. Like when I make a left turn out of my fiancee's neighborhood onto a fast 4 lane road, it's sorta weird/hard to steer. Is this just a normal thing with our cars? I don't think this is a "not having a VLSD" issue since most if not all of those cars I listed don't have one. Maybe I'm running low on power steering fluid? Again it's only at WOT. It's even kinda strange in a straight line- still very heavy.

And its not like when I'm turning that it's torque steer because its equally hard to turn the wheel in _either_ direction during WOT.
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hey ben, I do not know about the se, but the se-r comes with speed sensitive steering in 98, I do not know about earlier models and trying to replace the lsd with some crappy steering system (althoug mine works fine). anyways I think that is what it might be. you know the first year of something, it is always somewhat of a test, that is why I think they came back out with the lsd in 2k.
But it's not speed dependent, it's lead foot dependent. :) I could be going 15 or 50 and get the same behavior.
hey ben, I will go out and try to do that with my car tomorrow and see if it does the same thing, another thing could be that the power steering pump could be pumping alot of fluid and causing alot of pressure build-up and causing it to be harder to steer--well those are my thoughts and will post my observations tommorrow sometime afternoon or evening cst. another thing could be those rear doors trying to swing the car around :)
Check your power steering fluid. But it may be because of your tranny not having the VLSD. I have a '93 NX2000, and I've never had that problem.
ya man, just went out and tested :) found nothing like the problem you are having though, I would check your fluid level, if it is not that, bring it in to the dealership and have them check it out? ya, it is a little bit harder to steer, but it is not a "wholly crap" diffrence.
I didn't know what you were talking about when I read this post, so I went out and tried it. OK, there is a definate increase in the amount of force it takes to keep the wheels pointed where you want them to go. I think its normal, and have the same experience in other cars. Remember, you're putting a decent amount of power to the ground. It makes sense to me that the steering effort should increase. As for not noticing it in the other cars, they dont have the SR20DE ;)
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