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HELP! Car won't turn over.

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I was going to a number of graduation parties today, and at the last one,
my car wouldn't start! The horn, lights, and stereo work fine. I was able to
push start it and drive home. No problems on the way home. I tried to jump
the car, that didn't work. I switched out the 30A fuse for the ignition
system, that didn't work. The battery has enough juice in it.
When I turn the key, I get no noise what so ever. Is wierd, when the car
is running, and I turn the key, the starter doesn't make any griding noises.
I recently had the car aligned in the front about 3 days ago, I am wondering
if maybe they knocked something loose? Any ideas guys? The starter has 48000
miles on it.
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My starter did the same thing just up and died even connecting a hot strate to the starter it still didnt jump

fast but not fast enough!
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