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help! electrical ,problem of the day

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ugh, troubles with the nx again. i was putting caps on some wires, that go to the fans.( they just had duct tape or were bear) i also was trying to find fog light lines(someone already pulled um).i tried to start the car(to buy some more caps) and the car just clicked. so i tried again nothing. i messed around with some wires. tried the lights, they worked. tried the car click, then again nothing, and no lights. i repeated this multiple times and again i am stuck with a broke car.

whats going on, what can i check, does this seem familiar at all?
whats it mean when the car clicks?
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If it just clicks it usually means the starter is getting power, but not turning. Could it just be a coincidence that your starter died?
if the starter is bad whats with the lights working/not working, at the same time as the starter? are they linked. i am serously confused by wires. are there any good eletritions out there?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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