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Hi ! I am still searching for a car !!!

I have seen one on annonced on the web, a Nissan SE ???? SE ??? Can someone give me some specification about this model ???

or is the SE mean SE-R ?? probably not i think !? is the same engine or is it the other one ??? the slowest one ??? is that a good car tooo ???

Is there any problem with the Automatic on the 200 sx ??? I want to know because I could get the choice may be.

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If you want a SR20DE car, the only "SE" you want to look for is the 1998-2001 Sentra SE. The '98-'99 Sentra SE is just like a 200SX SE-R with four doors and no limited slip differential.

The 200SX SE only has the 1.6L GA16DE. They are an all right car, but they are no SE-R. The 200SX SE-R has the 2.0L SR20DE.

An automatic is available on both, but automatics are no fun. A SE-R with manual is the most enjoyable.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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