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help me out engine techs!!!

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the nissan dealership said my alternator was going out and that i was just running off of my battery. So I took it to a shop to get a new alternator put in, well they tested it and it was putting out 14.4 which they said was really good. the problem is that the battery is only recieving around 13.8. i was told that i may have a short in some wiring from my alt to my batt. the car runs rough and dies every once in a while( mostly while turning with fool off the gas.) any suggestions?

Daniel Knudtson
93 NX2000
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could also be alot of resistance due to rusty/dirty ground cable to battery. check around your chassis ground on negative side of battery leading to cars frame .also check the positive cable also.check wires to alt. do you have a big sound system? that takes juice also when the bass hits. check for shorts in a auto electrician place.
While turning may be the clue. Could possibly have something to do with your fuel pump. What year is your ride? 13.8V is probably good for the alternator. You should check all electrical connections from and to the alternator. How old is the battery? Good luck!
Its a 93, and the battery is under 2 months old.
do you think that maybe my injectors/fuel system might be clogged? and just need to be flushed. yesterday i got my oil system flushed and went to castrol syntec and added some oil treatment, that made a big difference. Im thinkin that i may need a major tune up. I checked the ground off of the battery and i saw a little rust, but nothing very significant.

Daniel K
I would replace your fuel filter, and it could also be a bad connection somewhere along the + or - cables. it is kinda hard to diagnose a problem over the internet, w/o actually seeing the car.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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