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i need someones help.. im goin to attempt to create white pearl gauges to match the se-L gauges i have in my 99 sentra, to go over the fuel and temp. what i need from some one to borrow(im honest and will pay for shipping to and from my house) your reverse indiglo gauges, or indiglo gauges.. for the 99 sentra or b14 sr20..
i need someone to email me a flatbed scanned version of your guages..

if you would like to try a project of doin a different color of gauges.. then let me borrow yours..

Please send pics of the flatbeded images to [email protected] . Please scan the images at 250 to 300 dpi, ppi. and at 100% it will need to probably be around 5-10 megs.. or 5000-10,000 K if you dont understand res. very well..
all help will be greatly appreciated.. !!! and if possible make sure the background behind the gauges is darker and NOT white like the gauges.. thanks..
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