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I am looking for an intercooler for my B-13 Japanese DET engine like the size
in Hotshot or FMAX. I am looking for intercooler pipes for the same engine. I
know I can use the intake the Hotshot and FMAX pipes but what about the
exhaust pipe? Dimension specs would be appreciated. And where would be the
best place to buy the intercooler? I don't want an intercooler where I have
to hack my car to put it on. Thank you.

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Im guessing you are referring to the "exhaust" pipe as the pipe after the intercooler? 2.25 in. or 2.5 is what I plan to use once I figure out on what to do about the front mount blocking my radiator. At the shop we make one out of crush bent exhaust pipe and then get a mandrel bent copy of it that is made into as few sections as possible.

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