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Help!!! :-/

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Hey everyone

I have a little problem. actually, its a very irritating problem. NismoNX2000 and I were out advancing our timing. All goes well with his car, then we get to mine.

I CAN'T GET A STEADY IDLE! Where in the world is the idle adjustment screw? I have a 1991 SE-R, and I can't seem to find anything for it. I don't have an FSM, obviously...and this Hayne's manual is garbage. Somebody, please help!

Whew, now that I've vented, even when the car is not in timing mode, the idle is high, hovering around 1100. If i let the clutch out a little bit while holding the brakes, i can get the idle to fall back to 800rpm. however, when i disconnect the TPS, as per one of the webpages i was reading...idle jumps up to 1100 and it won't come back down no matter what. hopefully, finding this screw will solve my problems.

problem 2: i'm trying to figure out these marks on the pulley. I have 6 lines, none noticably thicker than others. now, i read on that pre april 1991 productions have different timing markings, but they only give OLD marks at 0,5,10,15,20 B.T.D.C. That's only 5 marks. I have 6. ??? what the heck?? So, would that make it correspond with the new marks? NEW marks at -5,0,5,10,13,white paint,15,20 B.T.D.C..... I don't have that white paint. | |, | | | |
Now, looking at the pulley from the passenger side of the car, the timing mark is on the second line from the left, about where teh comma is. where should i advance the timing to, in the case i ever get to that point?

Thanks so much in advance guys.

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I have a 91 NX 2K. I did mine last night and had the two white marks but they were a little dirty so it might help to kinda wipe it off. Mine was set at like 10??? Bumped it to 17 and the smiles came out.
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