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Hey guys, name is Jordan, I'm from Canada, close to the GTA (Greater Toronoto Area), I am 20 years of age, and am enrolled in the Automotive Program at a local college.

The ride i drive is a 1993 Nissan 180sx, from the land of the rising sun (Japan) its pretty sick, so far only modds are, Walboro Fuel pump, Blitz BOV, and a boost controller, turned boost to 16psi :D, no problems, have upgraded brakes as well, Greenstuff pads in front, and Hawks in the rear. also lowering springs and a front strut bar are the only suspension mods so far. due to some financial tied up ness (bought a house with my Girlfriend) i hadn't been able to compelete the mods i have wanted to, but as it is stored in winter i plan on completing them, i have a T28 off of a s14 blacktop im ready to throw on there but need upgraded turbo lines. and a few other goodies, such as FMIC, hot pipe, intake, downpipe, exhuast, injectors tune, and i think a few other things, just cant think of it. and i hope to hit around the 350 whp range.

i came across this site as i was doing an assigment for my college, to do with fuel pressure, and i used my 180 as the vehicle of choice, seems like an awesome site,

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