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I've actually thought about this too, but the biggest differences would be that you wouldn't have the reliability that Kojima's motor has, i.e. the Swain-coated pistons and the piston coolers drilled in the block. I'm not sure how reliable an high compression motor would be without these features, it's probably a good question for Mike K.

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Ok I had this idea that popped into my head. Looking for opinions on how good or bad it would work.

I'm thinking this would save some money in the long run.

Basically take a JDM de engine which is already 10:1 compression and throw on a dan paramore head that would bump the compression up to 11:1 or so.

Then throw on all the regualar bolt ons, including a jwt ecu programmed for 11:1 compression and the cams that would best suit you.

I'm guess that would get you close to the power Mike K is putting out with his project car for much less money.

Do you guys think this would work, or is it just a pipe dream that would eventually end up with a blown up engine?
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