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I went to opening day up at LVD in NY yesterday for the test and tune. im kind of dissapointed but maybe i just had high expectations.

1st run 2nd run 3rd run
60' 2.436 2.544 2.436
ET 15.968 15.956 15.923
mph 86.20 86.10 86.12

the first run was with the stock ecu. the other 2 were with the g20 ecu. i think maybe i was winding it out too high. i was pushing 7600 on the tack with the g20 ecu in there. i dont really feel power dropping off up high but maybe it is. my launches are much better than last year but still suck. i credit the slight improvement to the azenis and ES inserts. its nice being able to drop the clutch now. i think im going to give the car a full tune up since it hasnt had one since i got the car. it cant hurt. anyone have any input or suggestions?


mods are HS cai, 2 pc pulley set and greddy sp cat back

edit: just for reference i think my previous best was 16.2 at 86 with only the intake. im thinkin its time for a header and 91 cam.
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