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i'm selling a used HKS CAMP system with a 7 inch LCD monitor.

STARVISION tm-7001s 7 inch LCD monitor (connects with S-Video)
--7" NTSC Color TFT LCD Monitor
-Color System: NTSC
--Resolution: 234 X 1440
-Operating Voltage: 12v
--Active Matrix Display
-On Screen Display
--Screen Size 16:9
-Dimensions 7" x 5.25" x 1.25"
--Accessories: Universal Mounting Stand,
& Wiring Harness


(basically a neat way to display information about your car in a neat interactive mode. You can even change the back ground.

ICE stuff is cool and all but you can hook the system up to a computer aand analyse and record data, blah blah blah. go to the website :p it also comes with a junction to hook other stuff up (playstation, dvd stuff, etc, etc.

NOTE:: the system comes with a remote that WORKS and also the remote sensor is in perfect shape.

i have more pics if you'd like. [email protected] or AIM= iepoxyi

asking 333 shipped OBO

(i am located in wilmington, nc

no..its not my daddys car
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OH man.....I wish I had the cash....I'll see what I can do...anything you need? sr parts? turbos? anything? lol I have a lot of crap laying around....

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