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HKS GT3037 Prices

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Ok so there' no way to emulate it . So if I have to get reamed who hurts the least .
While I'm being caustic , why is it possible to buy the GT3037 56 trim (GT30R) and not the 52 trim from one of Garretts dealers ?
Please explain . Thank you .
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I am not in understanding. Do you want to buy The 3037 or the GT30R. They are different turbos. They are similar, but one is an HKS (older) and then theres the brand new top of the line Garrett. I dont know if you can get the 30R in a 52T, if that's what your asking. I know they make the 3037 in a 52T. Couple that w/ a .73 turbone housing for a bad ass turbo.
I'm not 100% sure but I think that the HKS GT3037 and the Garrett GT30R both use compressor wheels from the BCI 18C family . The GT 3037 is available in 52 and 56 trims . The GT30R can only be had in 56 trim . I think that they are identical in 56 trim , they both use the same GT 30 84 trim turbine and core . The end housings are interchangable provided the compresor and cover are for the same trim . It urks me to spend lots more money to get a 52 trim comp wheel , in order to keep lag in hand and minimise surge . To pay more for less is ridiculous . I would say that there is some kind of technology tie-up between Garrett and HKS and the customer winds up getting screwed . Sorry for being abrasive Garrett but I've been meeting too many brick walls of late , bye for now A .
I guess you could buy the .73 A/R housing from HKS. If I recall correctly it's like $210 for the exhaust housing. Slap it on a GT30R and you have yourself a 56T .73 GT3037 which is pretty similar to the HKS product. You should be able to find the GT30R for around 1250...JWT has the best price in my short searches so far.
Why not send your manifold to Andreas and get the T3 flange welded on with a flange for an external (35/38m Tial) and run a straight up GT30R. I would want the PTE exhaust housing on the GT30R, just because it's dyno proven to flow very, very well.
well Garrett will not sell what they send to HKS for them to sell.. Thats why its pretty hard to mix-n-match straight form the retailer/company. if you were gonna get the 56T .87a/r HKS 3037, I would strongly advise you to stay away from that and get the GT30R 56T .82a/r and be done with it.. I too searched every which way into getting a GT30R with a 52T compressor. I too asked why cant you throw a 3037 52T comp on a GT CHRA and turbine..but apparently no one will do it.
in my eyes: a GT30R goes for under 1300, a GT3037 at best goes for 1600... thats that.. personally, i got a GT30R and with the money i had set aside for the 3037 i had the 30R extrude honed and swain coated.. that may help a little on the extar lag...just seemes like a better deal without compromising too much..
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