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I finally decided to take the DET apart to see what happened the 2nd time around. It turns out that when we pulled the valve cover off to check everything one of the little metal disks for the valve cover made its way into the timing chain "abyss of doom". I found it in the lower oil pan when I pulled it. I was somewhat lucky since the disk caused the timing chain to skip a few teeth on the crank gear and then it bent the current set of intake valves which shut the motor down stopping the oil flow so the shavings didnt get passed the oil filter.

I also found the 2 tabs that are on the back of the Inner oil pump cover in the pan, they look like they only help keep the chain on the crank gear during assembley or something to that effect.

Does anyone have any other ideas on what they are there for??? Suggestions are Greatly appreciated

93 NX2K
some stuff and a DET
"project street mod?"
1988 BMW M3 w/ a few toys
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