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Joining the SUV market, Honda BR-V impresses us with a sporty look with a bold and robust design. However, it is insufficient to make this car stand out from the crowd.

Why does it become popular in the Phillippines? Follow us to find out Honda BR-V Pros & Cons now.

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Great Handling
With a ground clearance of 201 mm and tires of 195/60 R16 alloy wheel, The Honda BR-V can cross most potholes with ease. In addition, the turning radius of the BR-V is 5.6m allowing this SUV to turn in a narrow place.

The drivers can handle the car effortlessly thanks to the lighter steering wheel and a great performance brake system. When it runs on the highway, the steering wheel will weigh up to stabilize and give better handling.

The comfy comes from many factors of the design and features. When you enter the car, your eyes get comforted with the black theme of the leather seats and the dashboard panel.

You can start the engine with a push-button and adjust your seat to have the best position when driving. Besides, your trips will go wild and exciting with music from 6 speakers and 2DIN Audio.

Honda BR-V 2022 is now available at the lowest price of P1,038,000 and the highest price of P1,158,000, which is affordable for its fantastic features. Compared with other crossovers in the same segment, Honda BR-V takes advantage.
Less Safety
The BR-V comes only with two airbags which are not advantageous in the compact SUV segment. Alternatively, the vehicle offers an ISOFIX child seat with other safety features, including ABS, EBD, HSA, and VSA.

Although ASEAN NCAP gives five stars to the crossover from Honda, the actual practice shows 3.5 to 4 stars.

Outdated Touchscreen
The 7-inch touchscreen is not sensitive and cannot integrate with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Instead, it works well with Miracast.

A minus point is the graphic of the display. You may find it outdated and over colorful.
These Honda BR-V Pros & Cons are listed after many run tests and judges from our experts. If you want more information about this compact crossover, let us know by clicking via our website: Find All Brand New & Used Cars for Sale in Philippines
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