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Hey guys since we can't seem to find a legit Nissan/SR20 meet in the Tampa/St. Pete area I figured I'd go ahead and set one up. It's kinda short notice but lets see what happens.

Where? Hooters on Bruce B. Downs Blvd near USF
When? Wednesday, March 10th, 8pm
Who? Nissan...(there will be a small Subaru meet there that night that my brother is holding. Probably about 3-4 Subies.)
Why? Because we need to unite!!!!! lol jk but it'd be nice to meet some more Nissan enthusiasts

If you have any questions comments or concerns hit a brotha up :tongue:
My name is Darryn and I drive a b13 se-r as you can obviously tell by screen name
I hope to see you guys there :biggthump
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