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Hooters in Melbourne

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So anyone go to the car show at the hooters parking lot in melbourne? just curious cause i go up there time to time. always a bunch of 240's with SR20's, so its kinda cool. theres some ricers, but most of it is pretty cool. i didnt get a chance to go up tonight though i heard there was a b13 with a turbo, missin the front bumper, so whose that?
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lol figured you'd post. its every thursday night at like 9 o clock in the hooters parking lot. either the brevard street racers put it on, or the other guys group, i dont remember the name. oh wait no i do. brevard motorsports. yah thats it.
lol hey i'm in a new area and i need to meet people
yah im sure i'll see you out there one of these days. that is if i manage to get off work at a reasonable hour.
I'll be back in Satellite Beach in May for a month and a half, I'll have to check that out.
Any one going tonight?? if so look for me black SE-R with stock rims black and big dents on passenger side... i wanna go meet some sr20's in the melbourne area..
doh i was gonna go out tonight but i had work. i'll probably be out there next week though pimping my new 240sx.
anything happen on saturday nights? I'll be in town this saturday
I went to night i saw a few nice 240's and nice WRX's but i was on the outter circle looking in lol so i was bored and went home early.. caught a few races on the way home tho...
Thats what i wanna know... whats going down on saturday or even friday???? Sunday something???
well i got work again tonight, so i dunno. theres always the track at bithlow. after i get out of work tonight i might scope out some areas to go drifting in. a little recon before me and my buddy hit it up. as for local action i dont think theres anything set going on this weekend.
Melbourne is soooooo weak compared to Orlando
lol, thats why i call it mel-boring.
NissanTuner said:
lol, thats why i call it mel-boring.

I called it that 8 years ago when I was 13.

it's hella hard to do anything in that city when you aren't even old enough to drive and nobody wants to drive you anywhere, lol.
lol yah, than when u get a job working 5 days a week, go to school 5 days a week, it gets hella hard to do anything.
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