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I'm of the type that will change his sythetic oil every 3k, so on that amount of anality, how long should I wait between the following?

1. Plug changes
2. Manual tranny fluid changes (going to use the Motul Gear 300 synthetic)
3. Distributor cap & rotor
4. Plan to get Magnecor plug wires, but how long should the stock wires be allowed to last?
5. Rotate tires?
6. PCV valve (I've heard its supereasy to check on our cars so this is just proabably a 1 minute check to see if it clicks, right?)
7. Fuel filter?
8. Anything else I've forgotten?

I have 26xxx on the car right now (again, just had the car a month) and am getting ready to go Mobil 1 in the crankcase and Motul Gear 300 in the tranny. Would it be time to clean the throttle body and/or check the EGR hose? If so, where's the EGR and the hose I'm supposed to check? Also gonna get a timing light and do the 17 degrees thing. Just FYI I have yet to get over 26mpg and that was all highway miles and my idle is _slightly_ unstable, but not by more than plus or minus 100 RPM. Should the needle stay rock stable?

Last question- does anyone have the patience to answer every single one of my questions? :)

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ok here I go,
1) plug changes- easy upgrade go to a colder plug as I did about the same milege you have. I went to a 6 from a 5
2) change it anyways, you will get better performance out of your tranny and get better shifts when it is cold.
3) as a matter of fact, just checked mine today and I am closing in on 31k and nothing wrong with it, I will probably check it about 45k
4) if you are planning on it, why worry? probably good to 50k
5) depends on how hard you drive your car, I would say every 8-10k
6) check it out yourself, depends
7) I would guess about every 30-35k, probably cheap to do anyways, so why not, also probably depends on what kind of gas and octane you run
8) are we the only ones on this site that check it daily, sometimes twice? sometimes I wonder if the Bulleten Board stands for Ben and Brian :)

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Okay, just so you don't think you two are the ONLY ones who check the board daily, here's my two pennies;
1) I dunno, I change mine every few months or whenever I don't have anything better to do.
2)Never tried Motul, I've heard of people having problems with their trannies after going to synth oils. So I'm staying with the OE recommended.
3)Same as #1.
4)The stock ignition system is good to about 270HP so why spend your money on anything else?
5)Same as #1.
6)Take it off, see if the valve inside slides back and forth easily, if not buy a new one. Install it using teflon tape.
7)Same as #1, but use the Nissan filter.
8)yeah, check your throttle cale for excessive slack. Too much slack in your throttle cable can cause poor throttle response. And when you advance your ignition timing to 17deg, mine is at 18deg, make sure the engine is warmed up, the TPS is disconnected, rev the motor three times,wait for the rpms to go back to normal, and then make your adustment. Easy huh? Good for a 4HP gain at the mid range and no lose anywhere else. However, YOU MUST USE 92OCT.ONLY!
As for the throttle body, that's easy, just remove the intake hose and anything else in your way, place something heavy on the gas pedal, and with a little carb cleaner and a rag have at it! Only go easy with the carb cleaner, you wouldn't want to foul your plugs or coat the top of your pistons with that junk.
The EGR pipe is a little more difficult, okay WAY more difficult. I had a shop remove and clean out mine. But my motor has 140K on it, so you have a long way to go before you start worrying about your EGR pipe.
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