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Just mods. Don't care about maintenence (unless it was a performance upgrade.. brakes, suspension, bushings, etc...)
I will add mine up... in a few. I know I spent 3k as of october when I got in a wreck.. but I have done many mods since then.
Whatcha got? Just give a number.. don't need a mile long list...
Me? I have about 5k in mods (including the upcoming det swap)and I haven't even had my car for a year!

David Lau <[email protected]>
Stop Fast, corner better B13 SER in Vancouver, WA

Whisky Tango Foxtrot
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by PNWser:
Just mods. Don't care about maintenence (unless it was a performance upgrade.. brakes, suspension, bushings, etc...)
Heres my to date total

TIRES P700-Z 240
WHEELS 15X6.5 12LBS EA. 349
AEBS Header 475

Grand Total 2712

97 SE-R w/PR CAI,Unorthodox UP,AEBS Header, Courtesy Exhaust, and Pretty looking pedals and shift knob

El Chingon
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Hmmm, let's see:

HS CAI w/POP: Free (gift)
Primera Intake cam: Free (gift)
Greddy Exhaust: Free (gift)
STBs: $75
GCs: $340
AGXs: Free (came with the car)
SS Lines: $65
SS: Free (gift)
Gauges & Pod: Free (gift)
Räzo Pedals: Free (came with car)
Momo Knob: Free (came with car)
Wheels: Free (came with car)
Kumhos: $400

Grand Total: $880

Damn! That's awesome!!
Never really though about it till now. Now:

Turbo Project:

$3500 <-----Not free!!!!

'98 Super Black SE w/stuff

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How can I get in on the free deal you got going over there guy? Cause in that case I can list a bunch of things I would want free you know

..on AIM = NyceP26
97 200SX SE-R
PR CAI,JWT ECU (with correct timing now @ 15TDC),91 INTAKE CAM,

El Chingon
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LOL, just lucky, I guess. For the intake, cam, and exhaust I've done three motor swaps almost by myself (including a teardown of the motors) so my buddys repay me with stuff they have laying around that they no longer use. The one I made out the best on was the Greddy. My roomate had it on his '96 and it didn't fit right because this Greddy was made for a '98. Sooo, he took it off and put it in storage (where I went and got it out of
). I put it on, I liked it, he liked it, I kept it
. But I've also torn his engine apart 3 times (due to his carelessness). I still didn't think it was a real fair trade, but he was cool with it. The rest of the free ****, well, what can I say, my g-friend really loves me, huh

'98 Super Black SE w/stuff

Stuck on an island
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POP 200 CND (taxes)
mags/tires 3500
intrax springs 400 ?
kyb agx 1200
3A racing muffler + banzai tip 300
stereo system 1200 ?
total of $6800
I think that's about every thing ? parts are bloody expensive in Canada


Whisky Tango Foxtrot
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Nick:

mags/tires 3500
parts are bloody expensive in Canada

Dude, $3500 for wheels and tires is expensive anywhere. What kind are they.

97 SE-R w/PR CAI,Unorthodox UP,AEBS Header, Courtesy Exhaust, and Pretty looking pedals and shift knob

Stuck on an island
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doh ....its a typo it should have said 2500 and its two sets of tires and mags. I have I paid about 1200 for the current set I have on the car witch I picked up used and my old set I had on was 1400 new.


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In about two months:

Stillen exhaust-free (insurance money)
Weapon R Intake-75
S/T Sway Bars-180
Coilovers and install-300
EBC pads-45
Stillen GTR front spoiler-350(still waiting on it)

So in just a few months thats $950, all courtesy of the Family Arena(where I work).

'95 200sx Se-R Stillen Exhaust, Weapon R adapter intake, 17" Chrome w/ Nitto NT 555

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pr cai 200
stillen header 350
courtesy exahust free
cams 600
pullies 150
agx 389
pro kits 200
st bars 225
camber plates 225
lower control arm brace 125
bushings mm, rack, alot 150
strut bars 80
rims + tires 1400
cd player 750
act clutch 300
JUN flywheel 350
smc short shifter 125

clear corners (i know) 50
and about 3k in stereo stuff I do not have in there anymore, and like my old pop charger so total around including my nitrous kit and stuff I have sold =$9169 plus odds and ends, stuff like that. and am probably missing some other stuff like 3 sets of tires, blablablabla. I could have pretty much paid off my car, but instead I blew it all on my addiction to modding. oh, and I have 3k worth of stikers too.

98 se-r w/ p/r cai,jwt s3 cams, stillen header, courtesy exhaust, ur pullies, JUN flywheel, ACT clutch, eibach springs, kyb struts, st sways, cusco camber plates, f/r strut braces,stillen lower control arm brace, lotsa bushings, and a bunch of other crap

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Track Whore
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I have out spent all of you

PR CAI---------204.17
Axle Shafts----200
Quaife LSD-----739.73
Tranny Weld-----55
Tranny Cryo----120
Tranny Parts---132
Short Shifter---79.95
HS Header------314
Mr. Gasket------22
Swain Coat-----315
ST Sway Bar----229
TC Suspension--2805
Camber Plate---343.72
ES Bushings-----37
ES Mounts-------69.9
JWT Cams-------515
Nismo Radiator-332
UR Pulleys-----223
NX Calipers----306.74
NX Rotors-------89.98
Brake Kit-------19.49
Brake Lines-----80
Volks Rims-----1190
Street Tires---344
RA1 Race Tires-484
Race Seat------450

I bought the car for 14,400. Now I have a track whore that gives me extreme satisfaction whether I drive it on the track or off the track. It has 147.1 hp and weighs a mere 2362 lbs and gives me 31 mpg in mixed driving. It has a 16whp/weight ratio. Soon I will have about 165 whp and a 14.3whp/weight ratio. I am very satisfied with every penny I spent on the car. And I have no idea what it does in the 1/4 mile. And I do not intend to find out. The car is a road course whore

Naji Dahi, aka Red Mist
Fast 1998 SE-R Last of the SE-Rs
Slow 1996 G20 (AGXs/G20t springs, K&N drop in filter)

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Enkei's $800
Tint $180
RE730's $400
PR CAI $212
Courtesy exh. $500
s4's $560
stb $60
agx's $380
sportlines $200
head units(2 diff ones) $500
speakers $80
EBC's $70
AEBS $400
ES mounts $75
Stillen GTR grill $130

total so far $4,447, and i may think of more! almost $1,000 in tools to install all this ****!

1997 200sx SE-R $9,300

Suspension sucks, goin Motivational shortly $1500, and DET soon $1500, and i need a clutch mine is starting to slip $400

Ryan Walsh, 1997 200sx SE-R w/ ES mounts, JWT s4's, AEBS 4-1, PR CAI, Greddy cat-back, Sportlines/AGX's, Bridgestone re730's, Stillen GTR grill

Not on fire... yet
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after reading some of these posts I dont feel bad anymore about how much is in the NX...

93 NX2K
some stuff and a DET
"project street mod?"
1988 BMW M3 w/ a few toys

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Crap.... I haven't really thought about it and I don't really want to know but here goes...

Alpine head unit $450
MB Quart speakers all around $500
JL 10 W6 $240
Kicker Amp $200
associated wiring $150
JWT POP $140
JWT S3 cams $500
ECU $500
Greddy $350 (used)
Hotshot header $200 (used)
ACT clutch $175 (used)
SS brake lines $100
AD22VF brakes $300
Porterfield pads $150
Control arm bushings $50
ES motor mounts $100
ES shifter bushing $15
Truechoice suspension $1700
Stillen camber plates $335
DET turbo, manifold, IC $1150
new injectors $200
cam gears $140
random turbo stuff $250
razo pedals $70
extude hone manifold $385
Swain coatings $300

Stuff I'll be ordering in two days or so:
Dual electric boost/temp gauge $250
oil pressure gauge $100
turbo timer $100
boost controller $330
DIN gauge holder $40
oil fittings and line $50
Downpipe and FMIC $1000
rear pillowball mounts $250

All those prices were best estimates... I might have forgetton something here or there..
Total ~$10770

Yikes... what the hell am I thinking

'96 SE-R.... a few tweaks here and there :)

I dont even want to think about iT!!!

1991 Nissan Sentra SER
KYB AGX Struts,Ground Control street set up,17*7 Racing Hart C2's on Nitto 205/40zr/17's, no brakes yet. sr20DE motor from a wrecked automatic G20, Honed and tapped for pistion squrters by JWT,DET squrters,Crower Rods, GTiR main bearings,Arias pistons,HKS metal head gasket, ARP studs for the mains and Head,entire botom end balanced by Bensons,custom kevlar clutch,Portflow ported and polished head,5 angle valve job,JWT S3 cams,Nissan Motorsport Cam Sprokets,JWT ECU JWT polished fuel rail/72lbs MSD Injectors, Cobra MAF,
300zxTT fuel pump upgrade,AEM fuel pressure regulator,K&N fuel filter, F-MAX stage 2 turbo kit, HKS wastegate,and recirculation valve.Turbonetics T3/T40E Ball Bearing Turbo,Front mount 6a ignition, NGK plugs and wires, Greddy Profec boost controler, silicone hoses for all water and vaccum lines,Earls fittings and steel braided lines for fuel and oil,polished valve cover, autometer phantom guages for Boost,Exhaust Gas Temp,Water Temp,Oil pres. and Air fuel, 3 gauges are mounted on a custom bezel where the A/C vents used to be.

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wow. damn whoever made this post and made me think about how much Ive spent. Its been 4 grand give or take a hundred bucks... and Im 19 and paying my whole way thru school...and I dont have a job...and I have 38 cents in my pocket...and I just ordered a new clutch for 400 more dollars.

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heh.. I'll try but this is going to scare me

PR CAI.. $200
HS headers.. $350
UR pullies.. $170
Gab$.. $750 (steelin is the best!)
Eiback springs.. $230?
PS short shifter.. $79
S3 cams.. $500
Custom exhaust..(waste of $$) $100
Muffler.. $150
96 lsd trans..+ axles $500+ $150
Tires.. $400
Courtesy exhaust.. $200
--------(over rev!)-------.. priceless!
DET.. $1680(shipped)
Custom downpipe.. $225
JWT ECU.. $595
Blitz SBC.. $250?
Straight through muffler.. Traded for old one
IC piping.. $80 and $80 in beer for welding
Intercooler.. $550 w/endtanks
Tires.. $400
Cobra maf.. $170
MSD injectors.. $180
JWT fuel rail.. $225
JWT prom upgrade.. $100
NX rims..+ snow tires.. $100+ $225
NX calipers.. $150
NX rotors.. $80
3" test pipe $10
Flanges for the test pipe $12+beer $$ for welding

$8870 Blak!!! That dosen't count the premium gas,synthetic oil,OEM filters,misc nuts and bolts,race gas and all them freakin quarters at the car wash.


I forgot
ST bars.. $249
ES mm inserts.. $30
Steelin Camber plates.. $250
F/R Courtesy Strut tower bars.. $79/$79
ACT clutch.. $350
Boost and oil psi guages.. $40+$40

Yee haw!

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3 Gauge pillar pod - 45
Stillen Grille - 80
Clear corners - 30
Carbon Fiber shift knob - 20
HS CAI - 175
Short Throw - 60
Muffler - 150
92' i/e cams - 165
Sportlines - 217
KYB GR2s - ~250
S/T Sway bars - 220
F/R Courtesy STB - ???
Motor Mounts - 35
Front End Bushings - 42
Motivational front struts and rear spacers - 593
Rear AGX's - 88 x2

Just getting started on motor mods. They are gonna be the JWT 50 shot nitrous kit, 4 pulley set, header, B-pipe, Lightened flywheel, then eventually the Primera swap.
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