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how much power can i make with gtir swap with a stock turbo

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i would love to know 1/4 mile times and wheel horsepower
thanks :D
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I've heard that a GTiR with 3" turbo back, a good sized FMIC with 15 PSI will put down 300 WHP, 300 WTQ....
I have a GTi-R swap with A 3inch turbo back exhaust, FMIC, aftermarket cams, on 15psi I made 287whp, and on street tires at 15psi I ran 13.6 @ 109mph.

This is in a 92 SE-R
The above specs are pretty much in line. You can expect around 260-300 whp depending on the boost and the items that are bolted to the motor. In its raw stock form with a 2.5"downpipe back I would say 235whp with stock boost is the number that ccomes to mind. As far as 1/4 mile times you can get a high 12 with little trouble as long as you know how to drive. This is not going to be easy on street tires so I would say mid 13's are more likely. If you really want a good 1/4 time you MUST use drag slicks on a FWD turbo'd car, PERIOD!
on a stock gti-r motor and 550cc injectors at 22psi i made 324whp and 318 tq. my best run was [email protected]
i got a gtir motor in my 96 se-r.....fmic, 2.5 dp, 3in back, i was at 11lbs on street tires and ran 14.0 @103mph slippin clutch....i am plannin on putting my car down for a while....gettin my tranny fixed too...hopin for low 12's high 11's by summer time...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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