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How much should I ask for 91 SE-R seats?

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Got a line on a couple of the "Recaro-like" 91 SE-R seats that would _sorta_ match my interior but I don't care about what my interior looks like that much anyways since it's not much to look at in the first place and the stock seats are not very supportive. The seller says they have recently been cleaned and he has a steam cleaner he would use on them if I wished to purchase them. He said "What is a fair price to you?" and I have NO idea what an appropriate asking price would be. My absolutely wildest guess would be $60 a seat? Does that sound remotely ok?
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That's an excellent price, as long as they're in good shape.

Another NX2000 owner has a set of '91 Classic seats he bought for $175 US for the pair.

Excellent lateral support, as long as you're not too big, width-wise :)
The brackets are the same. The only cars I'm not sure about are the G20s, but I know you can switch between NX2000/Classic/200sx without any problems at all.
What, swap between 200 and Classic seatcovers? I don't think they'll fit...
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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