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how much to part out?

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Curious, since the damn transmission still isn't working after doing a few weeks worth of work on it.

How much do you think a NX2000 would part out for?
Auto (now), has everything, no rust etc..

Nearly tired of messing with this one, ready to get started on the "easy" work of the tranny and DET install.
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dont part it out if it's in good shape!!

besides, there isnt a whole lot of value to part out...mainly the front brakes
I agree. I wouldn't part it out if the body is in great shape. Sell it as a whole to someone else or wait a few weeks for your patience to return. :)
Yea, just frustrated. If I could net a decent amount of cash on the partout, I'd go ahead and do it anyway. I was just going to drive this until the DET was done and then sell it anyway.

The ENTIRE car's electrical system has been swapped.. I'm talking 2 engine harnesses, the engine bay harness with fuse panels, inside underdash harness with fuseblocks, AT computer, EVERYTHING.

The wheels just barely move. In looking at the FSM, we did the tranny install wrong. We did it like a manual, put the torque converter on the flexplate, then bolted the tranny on. The FSM lists installing the torque converter, then bolting the whole thing onto the car and somehow then bolting the torque converter to the flexplate.

Next week I'll start ripping everything out AGAIN to re-do the tranny.
Glad to hear that you're going to keep the NX in one piece. It's a shame when good SE-R's and NK2k's are parted out. *thumbs up*
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