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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by keithert:
If I wanted to add nitrous to an auto 99 NX2000 what would I have to do and what would it cost? Also how do you use nitrous?</font>
TRICK QUESTION!!! There is no 99 NX2000!

I'm sure that's a typo, but if you want to run nitrous, you got a few possibilities. You could buy a simple ZEX kit or something similar. That kit uses a "brain-box" to regulate your fuel pressure. Other sr20 owners have had good luck with this kit. ~$500-$600

Then there's the JWT (Jim Wolf Technologies) which is pricier but safer since the flow of nitrous is ECU-controlled. Best thing about this kit is that you have two optimized modes for your car - one for regular operation, one for nitrous use. ~$950-$1500 depending on 50 shot or 100 shot (the big shot requires bigger injectors).

Then there's the motherload of nitrous. Direct-port into your intake manifold. This is the safest way to use nitrous since you can meter in the correct amount of nitrous and fuel for each cylinder. It takes more tuning, but is really flexible as long you have enough fuel. Cost? All N20 hardware plus different sizes of jets so you can tune...probably around $600-$700 or so, but I'm not sure. All these prices are if you do the install yourself, btw.

Before even thinking about buying a N2O kit, you should really do some research so you have some background. Start out with and scour the SE-R list archives for more information. There are many people that run nitrous safely and without harm to their engines, but things can turn very bad very quickly if your fuel system isn't up to par and then you'll be asking where you can get a new motor. Oh, and since you have an auto, I would start with a 50 shot so as not to put too much strain on your tranny. If a 50 shot is too much for the auto tranny, you might want to look into Level 10 to upgrade your auto tranny with beefier internals.

Hope this helps!

Antonio Garcia
91 SE-R w/ lots of stuff
[email protected] on JWT 50 shot NOS
Bay Area, CA
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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