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HOW to convert ZEX DRY KIT, into WET KIT.

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What all is needed and how do you do it?
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You would need the additional solenoid for the fuel along with the jetting and Y adapter. The adapter inputs the nitrous and fuel.
I'm not sure you can do it with that purple box. You can use your existing hoses, but you wil have to buy two solenoids, and some more lines. This, or you can maybe buy the zex wet kit purple box...

~ Marcus
ahh my fault. didn't see it was a Zex. you might need to contact them to find out exactly what you need.
I thought about doing it with mine, but I am pretty sure you would need a whole new box, and a new nozzle. The jets should be the same, you will need the fuel hose too.
I am doing conversion next week, ordered parts yesterday. I will post pictures of process after testing is complete. :cool:

So far I have modified purple box to remove the fuel pressure regulator air lines and have tapped into the WOT switch so it it will also activate a second solenoid for fuel. The fuel solenoid will be mounted to the outside of the purple box.
I ordered a fuel solenoid and wet kit nozzle from Summit yesterday. :D

WARNING: my mod to the dry ZEX purple box voids all warranty and you cannot go back to using it as a dry kit box!!! :eek:
Sounds pretty cool man! I didn't think it was possible until now. I bought a zex kit for $200 bucks a couple month ago, but turned around and sold it. Now I feel bad for doing that.

~ Marcus
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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