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How to fix stripped axle threads

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OK, this one is for future searchers.

I wa an idiot and hammered on the very end of the axle WITHOUT the nut on the end (hint, don't do that!)

Result? Of course, bent threads slightly right on the very end.

I couldn't get the axle nut to go back on, so what to do?
Basically, either go buy another halfshaft, or try to fix it.

I used an impact wrench and tried to just "power it on", that didn't work, only resulted in slightly screwing up the nut as well. I tried using a dremel buffer tool on the end to try and bring out the definition of the threads, tried using a cut-off wheel to deburr and accentuate the threads, neither worked very well.
Next step was going to be cut it off with a hacksaw past the bent threads and then deal with repairing the threads again.

Then, I had a stroke of genius (for me).

I took the axle nut, which was already somewhat screwed up anyway, and used the dremel cut-off wheel to CUT IT IN HALF.
Yep, that's right, cut it all the way through on one side, flipped it and held it right on the cut with a pair of vice-grips, then cut it on the other side.

Let the nut cool, and then place it carefully back on the axle threads, use the 32mm socket back onto the cut nut, careful to hold it together when you slide the socket back onto the nut. You want to place the nut down past the bad spot, I put it about halfway down the shaft. Use the impact wrench in reverse, and spin the nut back off the axle. I had to repeat this 3x, and the impact was working at it to get the nut off. Next, put the good nut onto the axle, and use a good socket or tire-iron to get it back on. It will be tough, but just keep at it, and it will go all the way on. when it passes the bad spot, it will spin easily. You may want to reverse it again close to the end then tighten again.

Voila! You just saved buying another axle!

What is needed:

Dremel with cut-off wheel (I used 2, but have plenty on hand if you get too aggressive with it)
Large vice-grips
Impact wrench
32mm deep-well socket
Another axle nut.
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nice! Brilliant! Just Brilliant!
or you could send a pm to me and i have the right die laying around to rethread your mistake
that IS a great way to fix it, i did the same thing as well once, and i also used a dremel and cut off wheel to remake the threads, took about an hour, but it worked.

Everytime I use a friggin Dremmel cut off wheel, they break and come flying at my face.
Craftsman makes a die set that contains the proper one for our car. You can only buy it via their website. It will save your life in this situation. It did mine.

Your fix sounds like a good one to try when all else fails, though.
What is that thread size if you don't mind me asking Greg?
Very nice! Short of having a tap on hand, this is the best thing you could do. When I made this same mistake I used a small bastard file to clean up the threads, and that worked fine for me because they weren't that bad off.
James said:
What is that thread size if you don't mind me asking Greg?
You can also get a metric thread file to "restore" the threads on the axle.
Only problem with a die is you gotta get it started in the right position. Which he could not do. If he tried using a die he very well might of messed up the halfshaft even more. But great little tip R0b, thanx.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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